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Today is World Cancer Day. How to Prevent cancers. 1) Stop use of Tobacco, don't keep tobacco in the cheek, stop Ghutka, Manikchand, 2) Stop smoking, bidi, cigarettes 3) Don't take too hot or piping hot foods, tea, soups, Take after 4 to 5 minutes after serving. 4) Treat Sharp tooth, causing repeated injury. 5) Give HPV vaccine to girls and ladies to prevent cancer cervix. 6) Breast feeding baby is sure to prevent cancer of the breasts. 7) Do daily breasts examination and report lump early.8) Avoid chronic friction at any place. 9) Take Engirex B Hepatitis B vaccine. 10) Avoid chronic alcoholism. 11) Take lots of vegetables, fruits, antioxidants and salads.12) Almonds, nuts, tea, Olive oil, apple, garlic, tomatoes, Spinach are all outstanding 13) Prayers and worship, visit to Places of worship, meditation, yoga, pranayam help a lot 14) Daily exercises must 15) Avoid too spicy too chilly food. Stay fit and healthy, have a long healthy cancer free life. Happy World Cancer Day.